Breakfast has always been the most important meal of the day and this fact has never escaped us here at Wilma's Patio.

Here you will find several delectable dishes to kickstart your day and remind you of the feeling you had when Mom had breakfast waiting for you.

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Come by and see what we have prepared for you in our Breakfast kitchen.

Classic Eggs and Bacon

Nothing beats a classic eggs and bacon breakfast with all the trimmings. Including a splash of fruit to make sure your first meal is a balanced one.

Wide Selection

Whether its Mexican, American, or a variation of the above, we have it. We even have a breakfast for those who are looking for a hearty meal.

Come by and say hello. So come by the island and start your day right.

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Lox & Bagels

The 19th Century saw the beginnings of the American smoked salmon industry, first in the West Coast, where wild Pacific salmon from Alaska and Oregon were caught from spring to fall. During WWII a method of smoking was developed in order to further preserve salted fish, so it could travel longer. This kind of smoked salmon, which was called Lox, cemented the association between Pacific smoked salmon as the ‘classic’ kind of smoked salmon, and became so popular that even today people refer to smoked salmon as ‘lox’ - even though this old method of smoking has gone to disuse- and most smoked salmon primarily comes from the North Atlantic.